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First impressions of a setting are a decisive factor for parents. A positive response to your initial enquiry regarding the setting is the foundation to the partnership. 1st Choice has a shared responsibility to ensure that families are made to feel welcome on their first visit, given the time to look around and the opportunity to ask questions.

We understand that parents may feel slightly apprehensive on their first visit.

1st Choice as practitioners are aware of this and endeavour to make the parents feel at ease.

A trusting relationship between 1st Choice and parent begins with the initial contact and it is crucial that from the start, parents appreciate that 1st Choice value your knowledge and understanding of their child. 1st Choice endeavour to provide a professional and honest approach to
building the feeling of trust.

Parent Workshops
1st Choice Day Nursery offers parents regular workshops sessions. The workshops are run in a friendly, informal manner with practical activities, opportunities to ask questions and use teachers expertise alongside the chance to see and obtain resources to support parents with their children’s education.