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Q:What are the procedures for settling in new children?

A:We have a 3 days settling procedure. However, if your child does not settle we will extend the settling period until your child has settled.

Q: What type of food is provided? What is the policy on biscuits and sweets? How do they cope with food allergies or special dietary needs?

A: We provide food according to your child’s need’s, this includes children with special dietary needs. We do not provide the children with sweets or biscuits. However, on birthday parties parents sometimes bring in snack for the nursery children to eat. If you do not want your child to eat sweets or biscuit, please inform the staff team.

Q:Do the displays and equipment provide a challenging and stimulating environment for your child?

A: We follow the EYFS curriculum and we endeavour to provide exciting, stimulating environment for your child. Your child’s key person carry out a weekly observation to establish your child’s developmental stage and provide resources accordingly.

Q: Will there be a planned progression of activities and skills throughout the year, or primarily just play?

A: It is a fact that children learn through play. We planned around your child’s interest to ensure they reach their full potential.